Feather Tattoo Design Ideas


Wings and feather tattoos are one of the unique designs that very few people get engraved. They have very interesting meanings and can be made on any part of your body. Having a single or many of them can also symbolize different things like spirituality, creativity, or freedom. You can have feather designs of any birds you like. Most people go for those of a peacock or an eagle, as they are beautiful and symmetric. Here are some great ideas that you can choose from.

Some Ideas

These are commonly associated with many Native American cultures, in which some birds such as the Eagle, Ostrich Plume, Egret, etc., were considered holy or strong and their feathers represented their characteristics. Eagle feathers were considered sacred and were worn by powerful men like Chieftains, Healers, and Elders. This was a strong feather tattoo meaning, interpreted by many people to get them done and even today, is used as a reason for the same.

  • You can have, either very simple or complicated ones with other combinations. You can style them in your own way and make shaded feathers or Celtic tattoo designs of the same.
  • Drawing one simple feather with a fox or a lion on one side of it can be a great idea to have behind the ear, as it will be small yet prominent enough to be noticed.
  • A cross with two eagle feathers, one on each side can symbolize spirituality in a beautiful manner.
  • If you are a fan of Native American culture, you can get yourself one having the Chief’s face wearing the traditional feather hat on the head.
  • Getting a peacock one shaded with beautiful blue and green colors can also be a great choice.
  • Combining this with other designs like flowers, hearts, birds, beads, or simple circle designs can create a completely different look.
  • Feathers are the essence of birds and each bird is identified by the type of the same it has. Getting a bird like a peacock engraved with its feathers accentuated can be one of the best choices for your back or your arm.
  • These are a great option for people who want to get a tattoo for the first time and want it to look posh and one of a kind.
  • The feathers of an eagle are well placed and large, so they are mostly involved as simple and distinctive designs.
  • One more creative and eye-catching pattern can be getting a whole phoenix engraved on your back or arm. That will look majestic and can show the tattooer’s skill to the fullest.
You can have these tattoos on your back or lower back. They look grand and elegant at these spots if you like large-sized patterns. You can also have them on your neck, by using these designs and combining them with some other ones. Having a small eagle at the edge of your collarbone can look really attractive on women. Similarly, you can get them done on your wrists, feet, leg, and also on your shoulders. A Gothic interpretation where the feathers are disintegrating into birds can look classic and unique. Your hip can also serve as a great place to get one of these amazing patterns to flaunt before your friends.
These patterns can be unique yet beautiful. They are considered as unisex tattoos and both men and women can transform them in their own styles. So, if you’ve been thinking of getting one done for a long time and can’t figure out what to have, this type should definitely be on your list.

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