Easy Knitting Patterns for Babies


Tiny tots look so cute in woolen garments, isn’t it? You will always see their mothers making cute outfits for them. The favorite time that these mothers spend is on knitting these amazing clothes. Baby clothes like mittens, caps, sweaters, jackets, etc., can be easily knit at home in a riot of colors. If you are an expectant mother or you have an infant whom you want to bundle up in knitted clothes and blankets, this is an article for you. Mentioned below are a few knitting patterns that will help you make gorgeous blankets, cuddly sweaters and warm hats and mittens. Let us look into some tips for knitting for beginners and these lovely patterns.


Hood Blanket: A beautiful pattern for blankets, the hood blanket is an ideal way to cover your baby. The hood looks very cute when you put it on the baby’s head. This pattern should be made with soft wool. As this is a little complicated pattern, it is not recommended as an ideal knitting pattern for beginners. Once you get a hang of it, though, there will be no stopping you!

Lace Blanket: Not only does a lace blanket look beautiful and elegant, it is also very easy to make. Beginners can try their skills on this blanket and make a delicate blanket to cover the baby. You can match it with the baby bedding colors.

Date Blanket: This is not a pattern per se. This is an idea wherein you can knit the birth date of your baby on the blanket. You can make this blanket as colorful as you want.

Harris Tweed Rib: Another gorgeous and one of the knitting patterns for babies, Harris Tweed Rib pattern can be used in a riot of colors to make this blanket.


Cabled Cardigan: All you have to do in this case is use any color soft worsted weight yarn or any cashmere wool and start clicking your needles to make a wonderful warm and colorful cardigan for your baby. You also have the option of making a hood to cover the little child’s head.

Pullover: Another wonderful pattern, a pullover can be very colorful with the picture of a cartoon on the front. Make this sweater with soft plush yarn to make the sweater not only light but soft and warm at the same time.

Baby Coat: If you do not want the regular sweaters, you could knit a baby coat. This coat can be made in soft white wool. Booties, mittens and hats can be made to match this coat. I am sure your baby will look gorgeous in this outfit.

Short Row Sweater: This sweater can be made from crepe spun baby wool. This sweater can be made for newborn babies. A knitting instruction for beginners – if you want to make these sweaters for babies who are 6-9 months old, then you will need to use worsted wool to make a bigger sweater.

Hats, Booties and Mittens

Here are some knitting patterns for babies to cover their tiny heads and small adorable hands and feet from the cold.

Bird Hat: Not only will this hat keep the baby’s head warm, it will also look very colorful and cheerful. To make this hat, you will need to choose the bird that you want. Choose the wool color accordingly and make a wonderful hat. For example, if you want to make a parrot, you can make the hat green, with red for the beak and black for its eyes. Once you are comfortable with this pattern, you can make lots of bird or animal patterns.

Flower Hat: Like the above, this pattern can be used to make hats depicting different flowers in different colors. For example, if you want to make a daisy, you can knit a round hat, embroider daisy flowers all around the hat and make some daisy petals to be stitched on top of the hat. This embroidery can be done in many colors to make the hat more beautiful.

Cozy Mittens: These mittens can be made in many colors using soft yarn and wool. You have the option of making them round and adding a thumb later, or just keeping them round. These can be paired up with cute hats, headbands, booties, etc.

Feet Warmers: As the name suggests, booties cover the feet of your baby and keep them warm and toasty. Make these using soft and bulky weight yarn so that there is maximum protection. These can also be made in many different colors that match with the baby’s sweaters and pull overs.

The above baby knitting patterns will definitely help you to make several lovely baby clothes to keep the little one all warm and safe. With these knitting patterns, I am sure your bundle of joy will be all covered up for the winter!

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