The 8 Delightfully Intriguing Stages of a First Knitting Project


Did You Know
Knitting has been a part of human civilization for ages. Archeological evidence of knitting with needles found in Egypt dates back to the 11th century CE.
To all the toddlers of Knittingville, remember, to master this creative art requires persistence, and it can’t be learned overnight. But, as with any newbie learning his or her craft, you may be excited at the prospect of creating something unique. Yet you may have come across certain pitfalls and struggles trying to reach the stage you are at now. To soothe your frayed nerves and cheer you up, let us take a look at the common stages one experiences while learning the art of knitting.
Mastering the grip
knitting spirit
One of the most important aspects to knitting is holding the needles correctly so that looping the yarn for a stitch becomes easy. As beginners, you may fumble with the needles, constantly dropping them or getting them entangled with the wool. Worry not, with practice, you will slowly but surely be able to increase your pace of looping the yarn.
No time to spare
time to rush
As with any other hobby or interest that you pursue, you have to devote time to practice and master the skill. Unlike some hobbies that allow you to practice them on the go, knitting demands that you spare time from your busy schedule. So, set aside a time in the day or a day/s in a week which you should dedicate to pursuing your knitting project.
The initial setbacks
It is said failure is the stepping stone to success. Likewise, don’t get bothered if you happen to make mistakes as they are bound to occur during the learning phase. On the contrary, have fun and try to learn from your mistakes as you gradually weave your creation.
Appreciating little milestones
It doesn’t matter how good or bad your first creation is. It’s all about taking that first step into the world of knitting. I can assure you this, you will really cherish and love it. Give yourself a pat on the back and believe in yourself.
Hitting a wall
creative knitting
After your initial excitement and burst of ideas, you may feel as if you’ve hit a roadblock. You may feel you’ve run out of ideas to experiment while knitting. Fret not, it is but natural. Every creative person experiences this while pursuing his/her creative undertaking – be it writing or knitting. At such a juncture, show your creations to people whose opinion matters to you. Welcome suggestions, thoughts and mild criticism. But remember, the motive here’s to get your creativity flowing again.
People may mock you as #Loser
There is a notion in society that people who don’t have anything better to do knit, or it is a girly hobby. Now, if you happen to be a male, you are bound to face a barrage of comments ranging from ridicule to downright bizarre. Some may call you a loser, while others may term your hobby as a “temporary fixation” which won’t last beyond a couple of weeks. Now, if you genuinely love knitting I am sure you won’t be swayed by such comments and observations.
Knitting is bliss
happily busy knitting
You reach a stage wherein you slowly realize that knitting gives you soul-soothing pleasure. It will seem like a pathway to happiness. Some may even feel that it is cathartic. The result being that you will be able to focus more clearly on other tasks since knitting becomes a stress reliever.
I ♥ knitting
love knitting
Eventually you realize that knitting has become an integral part of your life. You start getting restless without it. You can’t wait to grab the spool of wool in your leisure time. At that instance, it dawns upon you that you really love knitting.
Learning the ropes of knitting may seem a little time-consuming, hectic, and sometimes, it may literally seem a slow grind. But remember, slow and steady wins the race. Keep calm and be consistent in your endeavors. It is but natural to experience frustration initially, but it’s just a matter of time before you get a grip over the basics and begin to weave your creative magic.

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