How to Make a Quilt Label

Suzy Quilts brings us this helpful tutorial on four creative ways to label a quilt.  This is something important that quilters often overlook after finishing a piece.

This tutorial has some fun ideas for your labels. They range from simple DIY ones to custom woven ones.  I particularly like the print-your-own method and plan on giving it a try.  The article shows me exactly how to do it.

As with all of her other articles, Suzy’s tutorial has lovely photo examples and helpful details to get you started.

I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to label my quilts and it is a shame.  I am finding that many years later I don’t remember exactly when I made a quilt, or what I made it for.  Labels help with that.  In addition, a label is important if you sell your quilts or give them as a gift.

Make sure that all of your quilts can be identified and label them.  It’s easy with one of the creative suggestions that can be found in this article: 4 Creative Ways to Label a Quilt

[photo from Suzy Quilts]

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