M. Hostomme Abysse Ocean-Aged Champagne

M. Hostomme Abysse Ocean-Aged Champagne

A steady temperature and lack of light is an ideal environment for aging Champagne, but only a few houses in France take that to the extreme by aging their liquid underwater. Abysse is one of those, a Grand Cru Brut that 12 months under the sea off the coast of Southern France locked in a steel cage, after 48 months of aging on the lees in stainless-steel tanks and Burgundy French oak barrels. Abysse is the only ocean-aged Champagne being exported to the United States, with only 60 bottles being made available. And don’t forget to check Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

abysse champagne
Abysse Grand Cru
Abysse Blanc de Blancs
ocean-aged Champagne
stainless-steel tanks
stainless steel tanks champaign
M.Hostomme Abysse
M.Hostomme Abysse
ocean-aged Abysse
ocean-aged Abysse Champagne
limited edition champaign
champaign cork

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