Read This if You Don’t Know What Continental Knitting Is


Knitting is an art and craft that needs to be imbibed into your system only through consistent practice. It is the most pleasurable activity you could indulge yourself in. The art of knitting has a celestial power of sorts that refines the moods and rejuvenates the senses. It could be defined as the only pleasurable addiction that is universal in nature. Ironically, it is the only addiction that satiates your pleasure quotient and does not harm your well-being. An addiction that reaps benefits, indeed!


Continental knitting is a style where you hold the yarn in your left hand. Some knitters find this style suit their levels of comfort and convenience, while some other adopt the English method of knitting. The difference between the two methods lies in the hand in which you hold the yarn. In the English method, the yarn is held in the right hand and it involves throw stitches. In the continental style, the yarn is held in the left hand and the yarn strands are picked one after the other in order to form stitches.


This step-by-step tutorial will help you make continental knitting a fun-loving experience. If you are new to knitting, it is a prerequisite to learn the four basic stitches. The cast on, purl, knit, and bind off.

  1. The first step is to place the yarn in your left hand.
  2. Now, you need to place your left index finger in such a manner that the yarn needle is situated in between the two needles. If this seems to be a little uncomfortable, there is no need to stress your left index finger, you could use your middle finger to handle the needle work from the rear end of the same.
  3. The next step is to position the right hand needle in such a way that the needle is slid down through the loop of the first stitch to create another stitch.
  4. Gently slip off the stitch from the left needle. You will notice that the stitch is now on the right needle.
  5. Continue this way until you have completed the rows required to form the chosen pattern.
  6. This style of knitting is the most efficient method and is used to make the knitting experience faster and filled with much more pleasure.

Useful Tips

  • The way you position your yarn becomes very important. Hold it the way you find most convenient.
  • The needles should be placed comfortably in your hand. If paid attention, you get stitches that are neat and even in nature.
  • The cast on row should be close to the tip of the needle. However, you need to ensure that the cast on stitches are not placed too close to each other that the stitches eventually slip off the tip of the other needle.

Knitting is an easy and interesting hobby to pursue. It gives you ample room to stretch your imagination, a platform to stitch designs out of books, or simply out of your mind.

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