Small Tattoo Designs for Women


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According to a survey, more women get their skin tattooed than men. The Latin word for tattoo is “stigma” and they are often considered as ways of expressing one’s individuality or rebellious nature.

The fashion of wearing tattoos is gaining in popularity among both men and women. Especially in the case of women, this is the most simple way to look trendy and cute. The reason why a majority of women and girls prefer to wear small tattoos is that these look discreet and add up to their femininity.

There are many places on the body where small tattoos can be made. The hips are mainly considered by a lot of girls. Women also like to wear these beneath their navel, on the thighs, ankles, wrists, on the top of their fee, on the lower back, behind the ears, on the shoulders, and on the back of the neck. When choosing a small tattoo, you need to go in for one that will display what kind of a person you are. There are many designs that you can choose from, such as the ones mentioned below.

Butterfly Tattoos
These are most popular among women, as they largely add up to the femininity factor. You can choose from a number of colorful butterfly designs as per your liking. Small butterfly tattoos are generally worn on the body above the hip, such as on the hips, arms, shoulders, and neck. Celtic butterfly tattoos are also a good choice.
Vector Butterfly Illustration
Beautiful butterfly tattoo image
Fairy Tattoos
You have the option of adding details such as stars, flowers, or butterflies around the fairy. These are most appropriate on the lower back and on the back of the ears. However, fairy tattoos for women can easily fit anywhere on the body.
Girl with butterfly wings
Angel woman illustration
Music Note Tattoos
Women who are musicians or love music mostly prefer music note tattoos. These tattoos simply look beautiful and cute, as their design is not very complicated. Treble clef and bass clef designs are the mostly sought after music note tattoos.
Music Key With Flowers
Music Notes
Star Tattoos
This is another good choice for women when it comes to small tattoo designs. You can simply wear a single nautical star or wear a group of stars. Some other cool patterns can also be created using a bunch of stars. These are most suitable to be worn on the back of the neck, the hips, or on the shoulders.
Shiny Star Icons Graphic
Tattoo Star
Bird Tattoos
Bird tattoos are good alternatives for those searching for small feminine tattoos. You can make small tattoos of birds such as a doves, ostriches, hummingbirds, swans, peacocks, swallows, fairy bluebirds, and many more beautiful ones. These look better when made behind the neck, on the shoulders, and on the lower back.
Tribal eagle tattoo
Flower Tattoos
Flowers tattoos consists of a wide range of designs such as romantic roses, peaceful lilies, a vibrant sunflower, a graceful lotus, attractive shoe flower, and Hawaiian and tribal flowers. These can also be made in a variety of combination with other types of tattoos like fairy, butterfly, or bird tattoos.
Collection Of Flowers
Black And White Flower
When it comes to making permanent tattoos, just follow the simple rule of choosing one that perfectly matches your personality.

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