15 Absolutely Essential and Must-have Sewing Tools for Beginners


Sewing tools, such as needles, pins, and pincushions were an essential part of the wedding trousseau of the European bride till the 17th century.

Known to be one of the oldest arts, sewing is the fundamental underlying process associated with embroidery, tapestry, quilting, and patchwork. A skill that had been passed down from generation to generation, is slowly catching the fancy of the fashion-conscious youth. Being equipped with the skill is a boon because it allows to implement the ideas that otherwise brew in the mind.

While it takes practice to master the art of neat hand stitching, many find the technique of hand sewing to be relaxing and satisfying. Before you learn the skill itself, you need to get acquainted with the tools used to sew pieces of fabric together.

Sewing Kit
Sewing kit
Whether a beginner or an expert, a sewer has to have a personal sewing kit. The kit contains the tools needed to aid you with mastering the skill. Let’s check out the contents of the sewing kit.
Inside the Sewing Kit You Will Find …
Fabric shears or detail scissors in all sizes are a must for anyone who wishes to take up sewing. Make sure you do not use the scissors to cut paper, pins, or any other material to ensure your scissors remain in good shape.
Pinking Scissors
Pinking scissors
Pinking scissors with small triangular teeth help cut the fabric to lessen unraveling. It comes in handy when you are working with lightweight fabrics to give a seam finish.
Seam Rippers
Seam ripper
The seam ripper is used to remove unwanted stitches. It has two points one of which is sharp, allowing you to pick out single threads and stitches.
Hand Sewing Needles
Needle set
One of the basic tools in every sewing kit is a set of sewing needles. Medium length needles are called sharps and are suitable for just about any fabric. One rule to remember is that a finer needle is best suited for a fine fabric and a thicker needle for a thicker fabric.
Thread Spools
Thread spools
Stocking up on quality cotton or polyester thread spools is quite the norm when taking up sewing. Make sure you have spools of white, black, and navy blue in plenty.
Tracing Tools
Tracing tools
Before you begin sewing a pattern, you need to trace out the design. This is where the tracing tool comes in handy. You can also use an ink paper along with a tracing wheel to get the same result.
Measuring Tape
Measuring tape roll
The measuring tape is a non-stretchable strip marked with the basic measuring markings needed to take body measurements. A sewing kit is simply incomplete without a basic measuring tape.
Sewing Gauge
Sewing gauge
Sewing gauges are nothing but aluminum rulers with a slider. Sewing gauges are used to mark alterations, hemming, and checking the width of the seam.
Array of colored pins
Before you stitch, you need to hold the cuffs and folds of the fabric in place. For a beginner or otherwise, ball head pins are the best when it comes to sewing.
Pin Cushion
Pin cushion with pins and chalk
Pin cushions to hold the pins in one place are as essential as the pins themselves. Invest in a pincushion that comes with a smaller emery pocket. This will ensure your pins and needles remain rust-free and sharp at all times.
Thimble metal caps
Thimbles are metal caps used for the finger pushing the needle. It helps in keeping away nasty cuts and unintentional pokes, which otherwise is the bane of sewing.
Fabric Chalks
Fabric chalks
Fabric chalks like tracing tools aid in tracing out the pattern on to the fabric. Needless to say, fabric chalks are better than ink papers as they wash off easily.
Machine Needles
Sewing machine needles
Just like you need to stock up on various hand sewing needles, you need to have a pack of machine needles with you on hand. Fabric detailing requires the use of different needles, which is why you need to keep a pack of machine needles with you.
Applying a little beeswax on the thread makes the thread stronger, which is why it is imperative to have one in your sewing kit. A beeswax candle works just as fine as a cake of beeswax.
Travel Kit
Sewing kit
A travel kit comes equipped with needles and spools of threads, which you can carry with you wherever you go.
Apart from the tools that go into the sewing kit, you also need to have an ironing board, and an iron to give you crisp seams and folds. Stocking up on sewing pattern books is as essential as gathering all the tools especially for the beginner.

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