Mystically Creative and Beautiful Button Art Ideas for Everyone


Use nail polish to secure the button threads and keep them from fraying. Remove loose ends of the thread, if any, and apply nail polish onto the button.
Button Art T-shirt
Button-crafted T-shirt
Use hot glue to stick the buttons on any plain T-shirt or top. If you love sewing, you can also choose colored threads to get that one-of-a-kind look.
Button Art Greeting card
Greeting Card
Button crafts would sure give a lively feel to your cards.
Button Art Baby Dress and Shoes
Buttons for Babies
Add to the cuteness of your little one’s clothes and accessories as you button them up with some simple but perfect additions.
Button Art Beetle Bag
Beetle Button Art
With a good color sense, you are all set to adorn your own accessories and be yourself.
Button Art Hat
Button Art Hat
Embellish your fedora with chunky antique buttons. You can also opt for a mix of beads and buttons for ornamentation.
Button Art Bracelet and Necklace
Button Art Bracelet and Necklace
Spice up your jewelry with exquisite buttons!
Button Art Jean Pouch
Button Art Pouch
Patchworks are always welcome when working with fabrics.
Seashell Button Art Frame
Seashell Buttons Decorative Frame
Revamp an old photo frame as you glue in a few lines of buttons around.
Button Art Monogram
Button Initial
Experiment with buttons of various shapes, colors, and themes to craft your initial.
Button Art Christmas Tree
Button Art Christmas Tree
Create button crafts using a theme for special occasions; frame it up and you have a gift item ready.
Button Nameplate
Button Nameplate
Have a handful of buttons glued onto a simple wooden nameplate!
Button Art Frame
Button Art Frame
Frame a piece of button artwork to beautify your wall.
Button Art Clock
Button Art Clock
A perfect button art project to involve your kids, wherein they learn about the working of a clock by adding a quartz clock mechanism to it.
Button Art Belt
Button Art Belt
Simply put together the best seashells, buttons, and beads.
Button Art Ring
Button Art Ring
A good collection of vintage buttons and you have an assortment of rings!
Button Art Owl Bag
Button Owl on Bag
Give ‘cute as a button’ a new meaning.
Button Art Heart Bag
Button Heart on Bag
Use a hot glue gun to stick buttons on the fabric and create any shape you want; or you can have buttons only on the sling.

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