Making trousers with a side zip and a waistband.



They are making trousers with a side zip and a waistband.
They are making trousers with a pattern.

Before you start cutting,

Check your measurements with that stated in the pattern.
The crutch of the trousers or the leg length are the two places that may need altering.
Remember to make the changes before cutting your material.
An excellent way to check your measurements is to lay out a pair of your favorite trousers that fit well.
Always lay them out on the wrong side.

Lay the fabric out length ways, place the fold right side out, and lay the pant legs along the fold.
Then, cut, allowing an inch for the turning. Take care not to stretch the fabric when cutting.
The best place to cut fabric is on a large flat table. The cutting stage is critical.
Always also have an iron on hand to press, as this always helps.

Fold the trouser’s front right sides out, matching the edges of the legs.
Leg darts always look nice at the waistband.

There should be two at the front and two at the back.
Darts are a good addition at this stage, as when you finish the trousers and they’re a little tight, you can always release the darts for a little extra room.
Now sew the back and the front of the trousers together.

Leave a gap on the left side of the trousers for an eight-inch zip to be attached later.
Now, sew the crutch area.
It is a good idea now to try the trousers on to check the size quickly.
Then, place the zip under the opening seam you have left at the size.

Please attach it with a zipper foot to ensure a tidy fit.
The waistband should be as per your pattern, or about eight inches wide and almost two inches longer than your waist measurement.
Please measure your waist first before attaching a waistband.

Sew the sides of the waistband on the wrong side first.
Then, place one side of the band on the trousers and sew one side; perhaps you could also add a strip of interfacing at this stage.
Add a little press stud to the edge of the waistband to fasten up a little more tightly.
The last thing we need to do now is check the length.

We can now sew the bottom of the trousers once we are happy with our length.
Ideally, we should zigzag the edge and also do either a hand slip stitch or a machine stitch along the bottom.

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