Popular Wing Tattoo Designs


There are many options of tattoo wings designs available for those who want to have this design etched on their body. These designs are worn on the shoulders, however, there are variations and these tattoos could be etched on the arms and back as well. There are different forms of wing tattoos and tattoo designs of other types. Thus, one could choose from a wide range of the available tattoos.
Most Popular Designs
The art of tattooing is practiced worldwide, and involves decoration of the body by means of insertion of indelible ink into the skin layers. In Japan, tattooing has been practiced for a long time, and face tattooing is their specialty.
Angel Wings: The angel wings tattoo is the most popular among the winged ones. Angels, being considered as the symbol of peace and heaven, these reflect a person’s faith in goodness or his religious affiliations. The angel wing tattoos are also used by many to remember the loved ones they have lost. The tattoo may be used by people to depict an angel watching over them. The detailing done for the tattoo could differ according the preferences. Some people like to have tattoos with minute details like the feathers, while others prefer to sport tattoos with just the outline.
Devil Wings: The devil wings tattoos are similar in design to the angel ones, however, they are used for depicting a person’s bad side. People who like to enjoy their life and prefer not to worry about the consequences are said to go for devil wings tattoos.
Tribal and Gothic: The tribal wings tattoos are the most popular among various wings tattoos. There is a great variety in the tribal tattoos being used by people nowadays. Thus, one should choose the appropriate design which suits him/her.
Bird Wings: People with affiliation towards spiritualism are said to have interest in bird wings. These are that of the falcon, eagle, raven and hawk. Most of the bird wings tattoos symbolize the qualities like self-reliance and strength, while the others like raven wings or crow wings are associated with paganism, voodoo, black magic.
Dragon Wings: The dragon wings tattoos are associated with power, freedom, mystery, magic, because dragons have been portrayed as highly evolved and intelligent creatures by artists. The dragon wings tattoos are one of the most popular designs due to the variety in their designs. These tattoos can be presented in different forms like the celtic, tribal, and jade.
Fairy Wings: These are preferred by women, and they come in various colors like the lavender, lime, periwinkle, green, etc. The wearer’s interest in fantasy can be depicted with the help of fairy wings tattoos. These also symbolize youthfulness.
Butterfly Wings Tattoo: The butterfly wings tattoos are preferred by women, and they depict a person’s closeness to nature. Butterfly being a beautiful creature, the tattoos with butterfly wings are used to depict the feelings like joy and happiness. The shape of butterfly wings designs are generally oblong in shape. These tattoo designs are the second most popular after the tribal ones. The butterfly wings could either be the replicas of Monarch butterfly wings or patterns created with the help of designers’ imagination.

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