Ways to Sew a Button onto Pants


It Starts with the Button
Always use flat buttons for sewing onto your pants because they come with two or four holes as compared to shank buttons (used for coats/dresses) that have a projection at the back, which bears a hole.

How many times has it been that you really loved a shirt, pants, or any outfit with buttons, but you could not continue wearing it because the buttons came off? We bet, many a time! Also, there might be clothes that are uselessly lying in your wardrobe because their button came off. Now, these buttons can be easily fixed by you! That too at home!

Let’s learn the easiest ways of sewing a button with our hands and a sewing machine. It’ll take a few minutes to sew it, and it will stay attached for the life of the pants. We are sure you will (suddenly) have many clothes to wear without spending anything extra.

Things You Will Need
  • Thread
  •  Needle
  • Jeans
  • Scissors
Procedure to Sew with Hands
Step 1
Take a thread with an approximate length of about 10 to 15 inches.
Step 2
After putting one end of the thread into the eye of the needle, bring the needle to the middle of the thread, such that both the thread ends are of the same length.
Step 3
Now as you hold the needle with a hand, join the ends of the thread with another hand by making a knot or two. This not only prevents your needle from slipping off the thread, but also makes the thread thick.
Step 4
According to the buttonhole, choose a button that will fit in. The button should be able to slip into the fabric hole easily. You can use a four-hole or a two-hole button. Otherwise you can also make use of that button, which came off the pants.
Step 5
Now place the needle on the area you want to fix it. Pass the threaded needle from underneath the fabric into one of the holes of the button.
sewing button on pants step1
Step 6
Then pull it out downwards through another hole outside the fabric. Repeat this till the time the button is secured to the fabric. Move the thread to different holes by interlinking them until you feel that the button is attached tightly, or if your button has 4 holes, you can also do a crisscross stitch. Make sure that all the buttons have the same stitching pattern. This makes the cloth as well as the buttons look neat.
Sewing button on pants
Sewing button on pants
Step 7
This is how your button should look like in the final step.
Sewing button on pants
Step 8
While sewing buttons on pants, you should follow this step without fail. After finishing the first set of stitching, cut the thread and tie a knot from behind.
Sewing button on pant
  • Go for another round of stitches with a new thread. This is because if the first round of stitches unravel, then you can rely on the second set of stitches. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the button falling off.
  • While stacking up your sewing kit with bundles of thread, go with tan-, white- and black-colored threads. These colors suit well with most of the fabrics.
  • This procedure can be followed to sew buttons onto khaki pants, cardigan, or any other fabric.
Procedure to Sew with a Sewing Machine
Step 1
Take a chalk and mark the point where you want to stitch the button.
Step 2
Now the feed cover should be placed over the feed thread. This is done so that the needle can stitch again and again in one location rather than feeding the button across the plate. Thus, the width of the stitching should be set as ‘straight’.
Sewing machine meter
The length of the stitch should be set to 0. The position of the needle should be fixed to ‘left’. The foot has to be lowered so that the button is held in the desired place. Now hand crank the machine making sure that the needle is going into the left hole of the button. Make sure that the needle after going up comes down from the right hole. To check this, you will have to hand crank again. Now stitch back and forth until you feel that the button is fixed properly.

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